Hunger Has No Nationality

Everyone Is Welcome!

In February of 2007 we opened the doors to our ministry and once a week Outreach Program. What humbly began, has now grown into a full fledged 5 days a week operation that provides Food and Supplies to over 5000 folks a month, For FREE!

Our mission is simple, help eradicate hunger and poverty. How? By picking up Fresh Food, Staples and Supplies from Grocers, Restaurants and Stores; then process them for redistribution to local Food Deserts, to Under Served Communities, to folks who have Urgent Need for whatever reason, to schools, shelters, senior centers, under the freeway, parks, halfway and transition housing, group homes, Churches, out of state and more….

In addition, we also give away clothing, toys, furniture, staples, flowers, gift cards, supplies and we deliver, all for Free!

Our facility is opened Monday through Friday. On those days we have also partnered with other organizations, churches, groups and individuals to pick up goods from us by Appointment Only (770-360-5601).

Last year in 2013 we donated over 100 tons of food. In our endeavor to continue providing Free Food and Supplies we need your help.

Help us by Donating or Purchasing one or more of the items listed below: